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Alabama Participates in Election Administration and Voting Survey


Wednesday, September 8, 2021—MONTGOMERYFollowing our successful administration of the 2020 General Election, the Secretary of State’s Office participated in the Election Assistance Commission’s Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS). Alabama’s EAVS results further validate that our state is the gold standard for election accessibility, security, and integrity.  

The EAVS results have brought to light many interesting facts about our election administration efforts in this state. In the 2020 General Election, Alabama reported a 67.7% turnout rate among registered voters and a 62.4% turnout rate for eligible Alabamians over 18, per Census data. Alabama reported a 12.9% turnout by mail, and 92.8% of mailed ballots were returned. However, Alabama led the nation with the highest in-person voting percentage of ballots cast on Election Day at 86.5%.

The EAVS results show that Alabamians overwhelmingly preferred to vote in-person on Election Day, but the results also show that Alabamians who chose to vote absentee were provided a secure and accessible process. In Alabama, we will continue to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat, and these results confirm that our efforts have been successful.  


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