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Alabama Secretary of State’s Office Continues in Commitment to Maintaining Accurate and Up-To-Date Voter Rolls


Friday, December 4, 2020 – MONTGOMERY – According to the standards set forth by the Code of Alabama, between now and December 31, county Boards of Registrars will publish lists of voters in a newspaper of general circulation who need to update their voter registration record in order to remain active. These voters have not updated their voter record or voted within the last four years, and Registrars have since been unable to contact these voters during the last four years.

If a voter notices his or her name is on the list, he should visit, download to mobile app “Vote for Alabama”, or visit the county Board of Registrars immediately to update the registration record.

If these voters do not update their registration by January 6, 2021, they will be removed from the county voter list and will need to submit a new registration application to participate in future elections.

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires each state to implement a systematic process for removing from the voter rolls those individuals who are no longer qualified to vote, including people who have moved and not updated their voter registration record. To comply with this requirement, the Office of the Secretary of State will be mailing a postcard to all registered voters in the State of Alabama during the month of January.

This voter file maintenance program is a four-year program which utilizes a two-step mailing process to identify voters who may have moved. In January of 2021, a nonforwardable postcard is mailed to every registered voter in the state. If this postcard is returned undeliverable, the voter is sent a second mailing that is forwardable. In the second mailing, the voter is requested to update his or her address, since the first postcard was undeliverable. If this second mailing is returned undeliverable, or if the voter does not respond to it, then the voter’s status is changed to “inactive” and the voter’s name is placed on a suspense list. Under state law, a voter placed on the suspense list is to be removed from the voter list if he or she does not submit an update to the voter registration record or vote within the next four years.

In January of 2017, postcards were mailed to all registered voters. In the spring of 2017, the second mailing was sent to all voters whose first mailing was undeliverable. Voters placed on the suspense list in 2017 and who have not voted since 2017 are to be removed from the voter list in January of 2021.

Voters can check their registration status, register to vote, or update their registration information online.


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